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At the age of sixty I opened my heart to Jesus Christ and my life went from black and white to
glorious Technicolor.
Since then, God has given me a joyous series called, "Tales From the Back Pew"A humorous look at church through a child's eyes.

Church Harvest Mess-tival

When I am in an area visiting schools, at conferences, etc. you can request a Christian themed family night to be held at your school or church. These are free and appropriate for all ages. For more information, email:

Flying Pencil
"God is the poet. I am the pen."
"Feathers in the Wings of God"
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Praise from Midwest Book Review:

"Inside the pages of this enlightening children's work we are given a peek into the mind of a child as they are about to experience their first day at church.

Preacher Creature

I had never given much thought to the subject matter of this book and I am thankful to author, Mike Thaler, for reminding me that children's perception of people, places, and things, that they have never seen, been to, or experienced, can be quite different than what they really are.

I liked this book. The illustrations are big and bold and brought each page to life. The story is told in a fun, light way that is sure to bring a chuckle to all that read it, along with a learning experience.

I believe this book will help parents to better understand how a child may well think about their first experiences with church-going, and will help a child to see there are a lot of good times ahead for them at church.

It will also open the door for children to discuss different happenings at church with adults so they may have a better understanding of what is going on.
Very well done and I am proud to recommend it."

Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review