Program Descriptions


Full Day Schedule:

  (Start time 9:00 am.)
Includes 4 blocks of 50 minute time periods
Blocks may be arranged in any order.
Block 1:
Large group assemblies, for grades 1 & 2.
Block 2:
Large group assembly for grades 3-6. *Do not mix age groups. Presentations are different and designed specifically for the ages of the children.
Block 3:
Mike reads to K, draws a poster for the school, and signs library books.
Block 4:
Choose from the activities listed below:

4th Block Activity Choices for Full Day Programs

Mike with masked kids
#1. Class Pictures
Mike signing books
#2. Sign student books
Mike at a school
#3. Q & A Session
kids drawing 1 kids drawing 2
#4. Art Session: Step by step activity

Half Day Schedule:

(Scheduled between 9-11 am & 12:30-2:30 pm)

Includes 2 blocks of 50 minute time periods.

1st block:
One large group assembly. Your choice: Include all the grades OR choose either the younger (1-2) or older (3-6) grades.
2nd block:
Mike reads to K, draws a poster for school, and signs library books.

For pricing information and/or to schedule a visit, contact:
Please include your city & state and a daytime phone number.

School Video

Xenia, Ohio school video of Mike Thaler by Jason Hofmann

Mike with child audience

Comments from Schools:

"Have you ever heard the song, "Angels Among Us"? Well, we think he is an angel among us! Mike did a wonderful job with the students. One of my 3rd grade teachers said it was awesome because even some of the struggling students came up with great riddles using the plan that Mr. Thaler taught them. Mike’s assembly was entertaining and fun for the students but they also learned quite a lot! But, I will say the most impressive part of Mike Thaler is his heart of gold. He made a lasting impression on our lives."

Jo Beth James, Media Specialist.
Royston Elementary, Royston, GA

“We were quite pleased with Mike’s visit to our school. Mike inspired our students with his anecdotes and humor. His years as a prolific and talented children’s author lent authenticity and gravity to his advice to our students. It was well worth it and an experience that our staff and students are still talking about.”

Robin Shaffer, Vice Principal. Plum Point Elementary School, Huntingtown, MD

“Thank you for the outstanding day we had when you visited our with our students. Your humor, story telling, and imagination captivated everyone from Kindergarten age to our “hard to please” sixth graders. All were absorbed hearing your tales, seeing your use of cartooning to visually support characterization, and learning about your writing process.”

Shari Maricotti, Principal. Fircrest Elementary School, Vancouver, WA

“Today I had the most fun with a sixth grade class that I have had in a long time. Using the riddle method you presented in the assembly, we wrote a riddle book - - our first ever! The students displayed such great enthusiasm I was amazed and delighted”

Ruth Witte, Media Specialist. Evergreen School District, Vancouver, WA Mike with Alligator

“I cannot begin to tell you how excited the kids were to have a real author come and talk to them. I feel your visit demonstrated to them that books come from real people who are open, honest and funny. They have now seen first hand that reading and wordplay are fun and creative, not stuffy and boring. Demonstrating your visually artistic talents and drawing on the student’s creativity as well gave them a sense of their own hidden talents. Thanks again, for visiting us. It was so valuable to our students.”

Gabrielle Stone, Reading Teacher. Garfield Elementary, Chicago, IL

"The educational values of your presentations are too numerous to list. In addition to the interest in reading books, a love of language, spelling, word structure, sentence construction, and the use of reference tools were highlighted through the student activities. For the staff, the workshops have opened up many avenues for further classroom exploration."

Robert N. Clegg, Principal. Park Lane Elementary School, Darby, Pennsylvania